House Bills 1122, 1319, and 1363


Wednesday, June 19, 2013
9:30 a.m.
Room 461

  • House Bill 1122 (Gingrich) : An Act amending Title 68 (Real and Personal Property) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in creation, alteration and termination of condominiums, further providing for contents of declaration and flexible condominiums and for amendment of declaration; and, in creation, alteration and termination of planned communities, further providing for contents of declaration for flexible planned communities and for amendment of declaration.
  • House Bill 1319 (Tobash) : An Act amending the act of May 28, 1937 (P.L.955, No.265), referred to as the Housing Authorities Law, further providing for powers of an authority.
  • House Bill 1363 (Taylor) : An Act amending the act of November 26, 2008 (P.L.1672, No.135), known as the Abandoned and Blighted Property Conservatorship Act, further providing for definitions, for initiation of action, for appointment of conservator, for powers and duties of conservator, for incurring indebtedness and for sale of property.
      • Bill Summary
        • A02200 (Argall): Provides a series of changes, including:
            • Adds “A schedule of mortgages, liens and other encumbrances on the property” to the information a petitioner must provide as part of the petition for conservatorship.
            • Adds “all municipal authorities known to have provided service to the property” to the list of those the petitioner must notify upon filing the petition with the court.
            • Adds “the schedule of encumbrances” to the list of items that may be contested at the hearing.
            • Adds provision for the Court’s binding certification of the schedule of encumbrances.
            • Provides that, if the owner either remedies all of the violations or conditions for conservatorship, or elects to sell the property subject to the conservatorship after the filing of the petition, the owner must reimburse the petitioner for his costs.
            • Makes other technical changes.