Senate UA&H Committee Approves Four Bills

The Senate Urban Affairs & Housing Committee approved four bills on Wednesday (June 16), according to Committee Chairman Senator Joe Pittman.

House Bill 264, introduced by Representative Doyle Heffley (R-122), amends the Real Estate Tax Sale Law adding provisions relating to bidder registration before sale and further providing for date of sale, for repurchase by owner, for restrictions on purchases and for sale of property in repository.

Senate Bill 574, introduced by Senator James Brewster (D-45), amends the Real Estate Tax Sale Law to establish a county demolition and rehabilitation fund in each county.

Senate Bill 763, introduced by Senator David Argall (R-29), provides $10 million annually to fund the Pennsylvania low-income housing tax credit program.

House Bill 827, introduced by Representative Keith Gillespie (R-47), establishes a microenterprise loan program.

The bills now move to the full Senate for consideration.

Click for video of the hearing.

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